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About Us

Kirby Clayton - Burford Candle Company
We are a small, family run business based in Burford, Oxfordshire. Living in Burford, every day offers the opportunity to enjoy stunning scenery and quintessentially Cotswold architecture. As we feel so incredibly lucky to be living here, we wanted to create a product that allows others to take a little bit of ‘Burford’ home with them. Kirby has a creative background having studied Photography and Fine Art at university while her partner studied Business Management. During lockdown we began experimenting in creating our own handmade and hand poured candles, using a selection of scents inspired by our immediate surroundings and both wooden and cotton wicks. Our wooden wick candles fill the room with a cosy, crackling sound, perfect for the autumn and winter seasons however the classic style cotton wick candles are just as popular! Our core collection offers a variety of scents such as vanilla, peony, fig and many more. We pride ourselves on producing both aesthetically pleasing and beautifully scented candles, so you can have a slice of the Cotswolds in your home.